Table of Contents
  1. Intro
  2. Goals

A draft of the Mahusetan Language


Mahusetan is an a posteriori constructed language, largely based on the common vocabulary of English, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Low German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Bokmål, with the goal of being mostly regular in grammar, spelling and phonology and being relatively easy to learn and understand for speakers of English and Dutch while having a unique character.

A typical Mahusetan word is close to the mean word in its source languages but this isn't necessarily the main goal in its creation.


The Mahusetan language has multiple goals in its development, which are listed here:
  1. Large level of regularity in grammar, spelling and phonology
  2. Relative ease of learning for speakers of Dutch and English
  3. Having a unique character, even if this may complicate certain aspects of the language in regards to things like diacritics and inputting characters digitally